Stylus Tether
Stylus Tether

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Stylus Tether

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Keep your iPad Stylus handy, yet secure at all times.
After many requests for leashing options for our non tethered stylus pens we have these Stylus Tethers. They simply fit into a standard 3.5mm audio jack that is found on any phone or tablet. They will link with pen that has an open linked top.
So now you can turn just about any stylus, int one that that comes with its own handy little leg rope. Yes, like the kind surfers use to stop their board washing in a mile away or banging into the rocks.
These stylus tethers are compatible as an:

    iPad Stylus Tether
    iPhone Stylus Tether
    iPod Touch Stylus Tether
    Android Stylus Tether
    Nexus Stylus Tether
    HTC Stylus Tether
    Galaxy Stylus Tether
    Windows 8 Stylus Tether
    Windows 7 Stylus Tether