Frequently Asked Questions

What are some benefits to using a stylus?

Our stylus offers a noticeably smoother glide over your screen than your finger, which speeds user-device interaction. Stylus tips also have a smaller surface area than most fingers, which improves accuracy. Using a stylus also gets the bulk of your hand out of the way of your screen allowing for a less obstructive view of your work. Finally, styli lessen the frequency and need of screen cleaning as they help protect screens from annoying smears, scratches and fingerprints.

Which type of stylus tip will work best for me?

This often depends on your budget and which activities you plan to perform with your stylus. Most of the capacitive styli we carry feature one of the following two tips.

Soft Touch Tips are made from a smooth black silicone. These greatly improve the glide and accuracy of most activities including tapping and scrolling.

Precision Touch Tips are made of a smooth metallic nylon mesh. While these can be a bit more expensive, they offer the finest precision available and glide effortlessly across the screen. This tip is preferred for those who use their device for detailed work such as drawing or handwriting.

Which stylus is compatible with my device?

“Capacitive Touch Screen” Devices are designed to require skin contact (usually a finger) in order to operate. This design requires capacitive stylus tips to be the approx. thickness of a small fingertip in order to allow their touch to register on the screen of a capacitive device. We find that many frustrated consumers are in search of finer tips for more detailed work. These don't exist due to screen compatibility. However, it is actually not the size of the tip but rather the type of tip that will help achieve greater control and precision. We suggest our “Precision Touch” line for this purpose.

“Resistive Touch Screen” Devices are designed to require greater contact pressure through the use of a hard plastic, fine-tip stylus or sometimes even a fingernail. These devices usually include a stylus with purchase because the device is difficult or impossible to use without one.

We currently specialize in capacitive styli so the only resistive styli we carry are also capacitive but offer a “multi-device” dual function (capacitive tip on one end and resistive tip on the other).

Still not sure if your device has a capacitive or resistive screen?
A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself:
“Can I use my finger to interact with my device?” - If so, your screen is capacitive.   
     “Does my device require a hard plastic stylus?” - If so, your screen is resistive.

Will my stylus require batteries?

Typically, no. Only one of our styli requires batteries (the Sputnik, which features a laser pointer and reading light). All others are ready to use right out of the package.

Will my stylus require special software?

Typically, no. Think of our styli like a surrogate fingertip. If you currently use your fingertip to interact with your device then all of our styli will work for you right out of the package.

Which stylus apps do you recommend?

Although not required, many customers find the following apps helpful when performing tasks that require a bit more precision than tapping and scrolling actions. These apps can improve device interaction when a stylus is in use.

For note taking try: Ghostwriter
(features include a wrist guard and zoom-in writing area for greater precision).

For drawing/sketching try: Sketchbook Pro
(from the makers of AutoCAD, the #1 software for designers & architects).

What is your return policy?

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and want you to be happy with your purchase. If you are unsatisfied with your order please contact us within 30 days to arrange an exchange or refund.

Our customer support department is available to assist you
Monday–Friday 9:30am - 5pm PST

When can I expect to receive my order?

Most orders placed before 12pm Monday–Friday are shipped the same day from our warehouse in Dromana, Victoria. Shipping times depend on your location however most customers within Australia can expect to receive their stylus within 1-5 business days.

If Australia Post shipping is not available to you as a selection your item will ship from Hong Kong.