Capacitive stylus per device

This is a list with all know device by mankind that have a capacitive screen and are compatible with all of out stylus pens.

6Degree AND01, Abbery J-Q88B, Acer A101, Acer A110, Acer A200, Acer A210, Acer A500/Picasso, Acer A501, Acer A510, Acer A701, Acer Allegro, Acer B1-A71, Acer beTouch E120, Acer beTouch E140, Acer beTouch E400, Acer DX650, Acer E110, Acer E130, Acer E200/beTouch E200, Acer E210/beTouch E210, Acer E310/Liquid Mini, Acer E320, Acer E350, Acer F900, Acer G100W/G100W, Acer Iconia Tab A100/Vangogh, Acer Iconia Tab A700, Acer Liquid, Acer Liquid Metal, Acer P400 netTouch, Acer S100, Acer S110/Stream, Acer S200/newTouch S200, Acer S300, Acer TPA60W/TPA60W, Acer X960, Acer Z110, Advan S5N, Advan T3, Advent Vega, Agso M70, Agso S9, Ahong D09, Ahong D13, Ahong D17, Ainol Ainovo Flame, Ainol Novo 7 Advanced, Ainol Novo 7 Advanced2, Ainol Novo 7 Aurora, Ainol Novo 7 Crystal, Ainol Novo 7 Elf, Ainol Novo 7 Elf II, Ainol Novo 7 Fire, Ainol Novo 7 Flame, Ainol Novo 7 Legend, Ainol Novo 7 Paladin, Ainol Novo 8 Advanced, Ainol Novo10 Hero, Ainol Novo8, Airis Kira N10040, Airis OnePAD 720, Airis OnePad 970, Alcatel 903A, Alcatel 985, Alcatel 991D, Alcatel 993D, Alcatel ADR3010, Alcatel MOVE/MOVE, Alcatel One Touch 665, Alcatel one touch 890, Alcatel one touch 890D/one touch 890D, Alcatel one touch 906/one touch 906, Alcatel one touch 908, Alcatel One Touch 985N, Alcatel OT 919, Alcatel OT S680, Alcatel OT-602, Alcatel OT-720, Alcatel OT-813F, Alcatel OT-828, Alcatel OT-880/One Touch Xtra, Alcatel OT-880A/One Touch Xtra, Alcatel OT-888A, Alcatel OT-903, Alcatel OT-903D, Alcatel OT-905, Alcatel OT-906Y, Alcatel OT-908S, Alcatel OT-909S, Alcatel OT-910, Alcatel OT-910A, Alcatel OT-916, Alcatel OT-918, Alcatel OT-918A, Alcatel OT-918D, Alcatel OT-918N, Alcatel OT-927, Alcatel OT-960C, Alcatel OT-979, Alcatel OT-980, Alcatel OT-980A, Alcatel OT-981A, Alcatel OT-983, Alcatel OT-983A, Alcatel OT-990, Alcatel OT-990A, Alcatel OT-991, Alcatel OT-995, Alcatel OT-997D, Alcatel OT_818, Alcatel Venture, Aldi AT-AS43D, ALDI AT-AS43D2, Allview P3, Allview Speed City, Alps B928A, Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9, Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 4G LTE, Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, Amoi M515, Amoi N806, Amoi N808, Amoi N89, Ampe A76, Android Dev Phone 1, AOC MW0710, AOC MW0711, AOC MW0812, AOC MW0821, Aoson M19, Apad HT_PAD1051, Apad M7005, Apad Sec_smdkv210, Apple iPad, Apple iPad /retina display, Apple iPad 2, Apple iPad mini, Apple iPhone, Apple iPhone 3G, Apple iPhone 3GS, Apple iPhone 4, Apple iPhone 4S, Apple iPhone 5, Apple iPhone Simulator, Apple iPod Touch, Apple iPod Touch 5gen, Approx APPTB701BV2, Archos 101 G9, Archos 5, Archos 70it2, Archos 8, Archos 80G9, Archos 97 Carbon, Archos A101IT, Archos A28, Archos A32, Archos A43, Archos A70BHT, Archos A70CHT, Archos A70H2, Archos A70HB, Archos A70S, Archos Arnova 10 G2, Archos Arnova A101B 10.1, Archos Arnova A80KSC, Archos CT701, Arnova 10b G2, Arnova 10b G3, Arnova 7b G3, Arnova 9 G3, ARNOVA AN10CG3, Arnova AN7, Arnova AN7BG2, Arnova AN7CG2, Arnova AN7DG3, Arnova AN7G2, Arnova AN7G3, Arnova AN7HG3, Arnova AN8BG3, Arnova AN8CG3, Arnova AN8G2, Arnova AN8G3, Arnova AN9G2, Arnova ARCHM901, Arnova Archos A101C, Assistant AP701, Asus Eee Pad Memo, Asus Eee Pad Transformer, Asus Galaxy 6, Asus J206, Asus ME171, Asus P550, Asus P565, Asus P735, Asus P750, Asus Padfone, ASUS SL101/Eee Pad Slider, ASUS T20, Asus TF101, Asus TF201, Asus TF300T, Asus TF600T, Asus TF700T, ASUS TF700T, Asus Vodafone 1520, ATVIO MID7108SC, Augen Gentouch78, AUX V930, Axioo Picopad QGN, Axioo Vigo 350, Barnes and Noble BNTV250, Barnes and Noble BNTV400, Barnes and Noble BNTV600, Barnes and Noble Nook, Barnes and Noble Nook Color, Barnes and Noble NOOK Tablet, Bellefonte BF-A10, BenQ P51, Benss B7, Best sonny TD818, Bird A05, Bird D718, Bird E88, Bird W100, Bird W188, Black Elemente 701, Bliss A70, BLU Dash, BLU Neo, BLU Neo Pro, BLU Neo XT, BLU Studio 5.3, BLU TouchBook 7.0, Bmorn V99, Bogo N6701, Boway I6, bq Edison, bq Maxwell, bq Maxwell Lite, bq Maxwell Plus, bq Verne Plus, Broncho N701, Broncho N802, Camangi FM600, Camangi WebStation, Carrefour CT1002, Carrefour CT1010, Carrefour CT704, Carrefour CT705, Casio C771, Casio CAL21, CECT MID TR718D, Celkon A 99, Celkon A88, Celkon A95, Celkon A97, Celkon A97i, Celkon C 90, Center Mobile CT999, ChangHong V7, ChangHong W22, ChangHong W3, ChangHong Z-me, ChangHong Z1, Cherry Mobile Superion, Cherry PC1007, Cherry PC906, CHL S800, CHT 8000, Chuwi V9, Cincinnati Bell Blaze, Cisco Cius, CnM TouchPad 9.7, Coby Kyros MID1024, Coby MID1024, Coby MID1042, Coby MID1060, Coby MID1125, Coby MID1126, Coby MID7005, Coby MID7010, Coby MID7012, Coby MID7014, Coby MID7015/Kyros, Coby MID7016, Coby MID7022, Coby MID7024, Coby MID7030, Coby MID7032, Coby MID7033, Coby MID7034, Coby MID7035, Coby MID7036, Coby MID7042, Coby MID7048, Coby MID7120, Coby MID7125, Coby MID7127, Coby MID8020, Coby MID8024/Kyros, Coby MID8042, Coby MID8048, Coby MID8120, Coby MID8125, Coby MID8127, Coby MID8128, Coby MID9042, Coby MID9742, Commtiva Z71, Coolpad 5216, Coolpad 5832, Coolpad 5855, Coolpad 5860, Coolpad 5860E, Coolpad 5860S, Coolpad 5870, Coolpad 5880, Coolpad 5899, Coolpad 5910, Coolpad 6018, Coolpad 7019, Coolpad 7019A, Coolpad 7260, Coolpad 7266, Coolpad 7500, Coolpad 8013, Coolpad 8020, Coolpad 8022, Coolpad 8050, Coolpad 8060, Coolpad 8150, Coolpad 8180, Coolpad 8190, Coolpad 8810, Coolpad D530, Coolpad E239, Coolpad F600, Coolpad F608, Coolpad F800, Coolpad N930, Coolpad S100, Coolpad S60, Coolpad W706, Coolpad W711, Coolpad W713, Craig CMP738A, Craig CMP738B, Craig CMP741d, Craig CMP741e, Craig CMP743, Creative Zen Touch 2, Creative ZiiO 10 Inch, Creative ZiiO 7 Inch, Cresta CTP810, Cresta CTP888, Cross A1, CrystalView TB4-4/5580, CSL Mi300 Spice, CSL MI410 Spice, CSL Mi700 Spice, Ctyon TE800, CUBE K8GT/K8GTW, CUBE U30GT, CUBE U8, CUBE U9GT2, Cydle M7, Cyrus Atom Pad, Cyrus K3410, CZC P10T, Dapeng A7, Dell Aero, Dell GS01, Dell Mini 3iX, Dell Mini 5, Dell Streak, Dell Streak 10 Pro, Dell Streak 7, Dell Venue, Dell venue pro, Dell XCD35, Denver Electronics TAC-97032, Desay TS908, Dicra TAB710, Difrnce DIT1010, Difrnce DIT8010, Difrnce DIT9720, Digitac C725, Digitac C925, Digma iDs10, Digma iDx10, Digma iDx7, Disgo 6000, Disney Mobile DM009SH, Disney Mobile DM010SH, Disney Mobile DM011SH, Disney Mobile DM012SH, DJC Touchtab2, Dmedia ATM3470, DNS M972w, DoCoMo F-01D, DoCoMo F-02D, DoCoMo F-03A, DoCoMo F-03D, DoCoMo F-03E, DoCoMo F-04E, DoCoMo F-05D, DoCoMo F-05E, DoCoMo F-07D, DoCoMo F-08D, DoCoMo F-09D, DoCoMo F-10D, DoCoMo F-11D, DoCoMo F-12D, DoCoMo L-02E, DoCoMo L-05D, DoCoMo L-06D, DoCoMo N-01D, DoCoMo N-02E, DoCoMo N-03E, DoCoMo N-04D, DoCoMo N-05D, DoCoMo N-06D, DoCoMo N-07D, DoCoMo P-01D, DoCoMo P-02D, DoCoMo P-04D, DoCoMo P-05D, DoCoMo P-06D, Docomo P-07C, DoCoMo P-07D, DoCoMo SC-01C, DoCoMo SC-01D, DoCoMo SC-01E, DoCoMo SC-02E, DoCoMo SC-03D, DoCoMo SC-04D, DoCoMo SC-05D, DoCoMo SC-06D, DoCoMo SH-01D, DoCoMo SH-01E, DoCoMo SH-02D, DoCoMo SH-02E, DoCoMo SH-04D, DoCoMo SH-06D, DoCoMo SH-07D, DoCoMo SH-09D, DoCoMo SH-10D, DoCoMo SO-01D, DoCoMo SO-01E, DoCoMo SO-02D, DoCoMo SO-03D, DoCoMo SO-04D, DoCoMo SO-05D, DoCoMo T-01C, DoCoMo T-01D, DoCoMo T-02D, DOOV D3, DOOV D600, DOOV D7000, DOOV D770, Dopod A3288, Dopod A6288, Dopod A8188, Dopod D805, Dopod S500/HTC Vogue 200, Dopod S700, Dospara A07I-D15A, Double Power M975, Double Power T711, Double Power TD-1010, DPS Dream 7, Dynamax DNP-725, E-Boda E1, E-Boda Supreme X80, E-Boda X200, Eaget Gpad Q7, Easypix Easypad 1370, Easypix EasyPad 970, Eken A90, Eken M005, Eken M009F, Eken M009s, Eken T01A, Eken T02A, EKEN T03A, Eken WM8850, Elocity A7, Elocity A7-004, Elonex 1012ET, Elonex 750ET, Elonex eTouch 1000ET, Elonex Etouch 765ET, Ematic EGP007, Emobile GS02, Emobile S31HW, Empire D709, Empire Electronix M712, Enspert E201, Entourage eDGe, Entourage Pocket eDGe, Epade A360S, EPHONE A8, Era G1, ERA G2 Touch, ETEN X650, Etisalat Smart Phone, ETON T720, Eton T800, Evolio Evotab FUN, Explay A350, Explay Advance, Explay Informer 703, Explay Informer 705, Explay Informer 801, Explay Informer 921, EZPad 1040C, Fadar FDT G505, Fly E105, Fly E185, Fly E190, Fly E310/Attitude, Fly HT1/ HUMMER HT1, Fly IQ230, Fly IQ235, Fly IQ440, FNF ifive X, Foston FS-M74TG, FPT Tablet, Freescale imx51, Fuhu NABI-A, Fuhu NABI2-NV7A, Fujitsu F-02E, Fujitsu F-07C, Fujitsu F-12C, Fujitsu FJL21, Fujitsu IS11T/REGZA Phone IS11T, Fujitsu ISW13F, Fujitsu M532, Fujitsu Q550, Funker R35dsi, FX2 PAD10, Gadmei E8HD, GADMEI T820, Garmin-Asus A50, Garmin-Asus M10, Garmin-Asus nuvifone G60, GeeksPhone ZERO, Gemei G2, Gemei G3, Gemei G9, Gemei G9T, Gemini GEM10212, Gemini GEM10312BK, Gemini GEM10312S, Gemini GEM10313BK, Gemini GEM7008, Gemini GEM8112, Genesis GT-1230, Genesis GT-7200, Genesis GT-8230, Genesis GT7205, Geniatech M3 media box board, GHONG T618, GHT Maestro, Gigabyte Boston, Gigabyte G1310, Gigabyte G1315, Gigabyte G1345, GIGABYTE GSmart G1317D, GIGABYTE GSmart G1355, Gionee A10, Gionee A350, Gionee A8, Gionee C600, Gionee GN100, Gionee GN105, Gionee GN106, Gionee GN205, Gionee GN380, Gionee GN777, Gionee GN800, Gionee GN868, Gionee I9, Gionee Infinity, Gionee L6, Gionee L7, Gionee TD500, GNet A6, Go Live S1, Goclever TAB 9300, GOCLEVER TAB A101, GOCLEVER Tab A73, Goclever TAB A93, Goclever TAB T76, Gome Disco10 FlyTouch 3, Google Nexus 10, Google Nexus 7, Goolan M753, Grameenphone Crystal, Grammata Papyre PAD 7.1, Great W80, Haier HE-N710E, Haier HE-N720E, Haier HM0712C, Haier HT-I617, Haier HT-I618, Haier HT-N8T, Haier HW-N66W, Haier N75W, Haier N88W, Haipad M1001, Haipai I9220, Hannspree SN10T2, Hannspree SN70T3, HannStar Hannspad SN101T1, Hardkernel ODROID-T, HCL ME U1, HCL X1, HDC A9100D, HDC e1809c, HengTong World HT-10A01, Hesense HEG-N200, Hesense HEG-N700, Hipstreet 7DTB4, Hipstreet HS-7DTB5, Hipstreet HS-7DTB6-4GB, Hipstreet HS-9DTB4, Hisense AD683G, Hisense E910, Hisense E920, Hisense HS-E830, Hisense HS-E87, Hisense HS-E89, Hisense HS-EG900, Hisense HS-ET919, Hisense HS-T68, Hisense HS-T80, Hisense HS-T81, Hisense HS-T830, Hisense HS-T860, Hisense HS-T930, Hisense HS-T950, Hisense HS-T96, Hisense M1101AS, Hisense T92, Hisense U8, HKPhone 4S-3G, HKPhone H7, HKPhone H8, Hosin U7, Housin U3, HP AD350, HP eStation, HP iPAQ 910, HP iPAQ H6300 series, HP P160UNA, HP Pre3, HP TouchPad, HTC 001HT, HTC 6277, HTC 6435 LVW, HTC 7 Mozart, HTC 7 Trophy, HTC 8S, HTC 8X, HTC A3335, HTC A3360, HTC A510b, HTC A510c, HTC A6366/Aria, HTC A6380/Aria, HTC A6390, HTC A7272, HTC A810b, HTC A810e, HTC A8180, HTC A9188, HTC A9191, HTC A9192, HTC ADR6225/Wildfire, HTC ADR6230, HTC ADR6285, HTC ADR6325, HTC ADR6330, HTC ADR6350, HTC ADR6350/Droid Incredible 2, HTC ADR6410L, HTC ADR6425, HTC Amaze 4G, HTC Arrive, HTC Bahamas, HTC Bravo, HTC Bravo C, HTC Buzz, HTC C110e/Omega, HTC C110E/Radar, HTC C510b, HTC ChaCha, HTC Desire, HTC Desire ADR6200, HTC Desire C, HTC Desire CDMA, HTC Desire HD, HTC Desire S, HTC Desire V, HTC Desire X, HTC Desire Z, HTC DLX, HTC Dream, HTC Droid Eris, HTC Droid Incredible, HTC Elfin, HTC Endeavour, HTC Espresso, HTC EVO 3D, HTC Evo 4G, HTC Evo 4G LTE, HTC Evo 4G LTE, HTC Evo 4G Plus, HTC Evo Design 4G, HTC Evo WiMax ISW11HT, HTC Explorer, HTC F5151/Freestyle, HTC Fiesta, HTC Flyer P512, HTC G14, HTC G55, HTC Gene, HTC Glacier, HTC Golf, HTC Gratia, HTC HD Mini, HTC HD2 T8585, HTC HD7, HTC HD7, HTC Hero, HTC Hero 200, HTC Hero S, HTC HT-03A, HTC HTL21, HTC HTX21, HTC Incredible HD, HTC Incredible S, HTC Inspire 4G, HTC Inspire HD, HTC ISW13HT, HTC J Z321e, HTC Kaiser, HTC Kingdom, HTC Legend, HTC Liberty, HTC Magic, HTC Marvel, HTC MDA Pro, HTC Mega, HTC MP6950 Diamond, HTC mwp6985, HTC myTouch 4G Slide, HTC Nexus One, HTC O2 XDA2Mini, HTC One S, HTC One SV, HTC One V, HTC One X, HTC One XL, HTC P3400i (Gene), HTC P3651, HTC P3700, HTC P4351/Herald/Wing/Atlas, HTC P4600, HTC P510e Flyer, HTC P515E, HTC P6300/Panda, HTC P715a, HTC Panache, HTC PB99400/Incredible, HTC PC36100, HTC PC93100, HTC PD67100, HTC PG06100, HTC PG09410, HTC PG41200/Evo View 4G, HTC PG762, HTC PH06130, HTC PH39100, HTC PH44100, HTC Pharos, HTC PI39100, HTC Pico, HTC PM23300, HTC PM36100, HTC PM63100/One X+, HTC PN071/One, HTC PPC6800/Mogul, HTC Primo, HTC Rezound, HTC Rio, HTC S31HT, HTC S510B, HTC S510e, HTC S610d, HTC S710d, HTC S710e, HTC S720e, HTC S730, HTC Salsa, HTC Schubert, HTC Sensation, HTC Sensation 4G, HTC Sensation XL, HTC Spark/7 Trophy, HTC ST7377/Tilt 2, HTC Status, HTC T328d, HTC T328t, HTC T329t, HTC T528d, HTC T528t, HTC T528w, HTC T5353/Touch Diamond2, HTC T7379, HTC T7381, HTC T7385 Touch Pro2, HTC T7576/Arrive/7 Pro, HTC T8697/Mozart, HTC T8788, HTC T9188, HTC T9193, HTC T9199, HTC T9295/HD7, HTC T9296, HTC T9296b, HTC Tattoo, HTC Titan II, HTC Touch, HTC Touch 3G T3232, HTC Touch Cruise (T4242), HTC Touch Cruise/P3650, HTC Touch HD, HTC Touch HD T8285, HTC Touch Pro/Raphael 100, HTC Touch Pro2 T7373, HTC Touch2, HTC TyTN II, HTC VAE WX, HTC Velocity 4G, HTC Ville, HTC Vision, HTC Vivo, HTC Vogu100 P3050, HTC Volans/Softbank X03HT, HTC VPA Touch, HTC Wildfire, HTC Wildfire S, HTC X310E/Titan/Eternity, HTC X315e, HTC X325A, HTC X515a, HTC X515C, HTC X515E, HTC X515m, HTC X710a, HTC X710e, HTC XV6875, HTC XV6900, HTC Z710A Sensation, HTC Z710E Sensation, HTC Z710t, HTC Z715e, HUARUI TD828, Huawei 007HW, Huawei ADR3305, Huawei Ascend II, Huawei Ascend P1, Huawei Ascend P1 S, Huawei C7100, Huawei C7500, Huawei C8500, Huawei C8511, Huawei C8512, Huawei C8600, Huawei C8650, Huawei C8650+, Huawei C8655, Huawei C8800, Huawei C8810, Huawei C8812, Huawei C8813, Huawei C8860E, Huawei C8950D, Huawei CM980, Huawei G7005, Huawei GS03, Huawei HW-01E, Huawei Ideos, Huawei IDEOS S7, HUAWEI M650, Huawei M660, Huawei M750, Huawei M835, Huawei M860, Huawei M865, HUAWEI M865C, Huawei M886, Huawei M920, Huawei N80W, Huawei Panama, Huawei RBM2, Huawei RBM3, Huawei S41HW, HUAWEI S7-301u, HUAWEI S7-301w, Huawei S8600, Huawei T2251, Huawei T8100, Huawei T8300, Huawei T8500, Huawei T8600, Huawei T8620, Huawei T8808D, Huawei T8828, Huawei T8830, Huawei T8950, Huawei T8951, Huawei U7510, Huawei U7519, Huawei U8100, Huawei U8110, Huawei U8120, Huawei U8150, Huawei U8160, Huawei U8180, HUAWEI U8185, Huawei U8186, Huawei U8230, Huawei U8300, Huawei U8350, Huawei U8500, Huawei U8510, Huawei U8520, Huawei U8600, Huawei U8650 Sonic, Huawei U8651, Huawei U8651T, Huawei U8655, Huawei U8660, Huawei U8661, Huawei U8666, HUAWEI U8666E, Huawei U8667, Huawei U8685D, Huawei U8800, Huawei U8800 Pro, Huawei U8812D, Huawei U8815, HUAWEI U8815N, Huawei U8818, Huawei U8825D, HUAWEI U8836D, HUAWEI U8850, Huawei U8860, Huawei U8950D, Huawei U8951, Huawei U9000, Huawei U9200, Huawei U9500, Huawei U9508, Huawei U9510, Huawei V8302, Huawei Vodafone 858, Huawei W1-C00, Huawei W1-U00, Huawei Y220T, Huawei Y300-0151, Huawei Y310, Hugiga HWA580, Hummer HT-1, Hyundai A7, Hyundai A7 ART, Hyundai H6, Hyundai H900, I-Joy Landa, i-mate 8502, i-mate Ultimate 6150, i-mobile i-note 2, i-mobile i-note S, i-mobile i-note Wi-Fi 9, i-mobile i-note WiFi, i-mobile i-note WiFi 2, i-mobile i-STYLE Q1, i-mobile i-STYLE Q3i, i-mobile i651, i-mobile i692, i-mobile i858, i-mobile IE 6010, i-mobile IQ5, iBall 3G-7307, iBall Andi3e, iBall Slide i7011, iconBIT Generic Android Device, iconBIT NetTAB THOR, ICOO D80, iMate JasJar, IMO S88, IMO X2, IMO Z-One, IMO Z6, innos a35, iNQ Cloud Touch, Intermec Model 70 Series, Intex Aqua 3.2, Intex IT-M809RC, Intreeo Casper, IT WORKS TM901, iView 1000TPC, iView 754TPC, IVIO Twilight 7, JiaYu JY-G1, JiaYu JY-G2, Jiayu JY-G3, Joyplus M778, JXD S6600, K-Touch A610i, K-Touch E620, K-Touch N77, K-Touch T580, K-Touch T660, K-Touch T760, K-Touch T780, K-Touch W619, Kaka A2, Karbonn A1, Karbonn A1+, Karbonn A11, Karbonn A7, Karbonn ST3 Blade, Karbonn ST9 Marvel, kddi A01/INFOBAR A01, KDDI CA001, KDDI ETBW11AA, KDDI GzOne IS11CA, KDDI INFOBAR C01, KDDI IS11LG, KDDI IS11N, KDDI IS12M, KDDI IS15SH, KDDI IS17SH, KDDI ISW11F, KDDI ISW11K, KDDI ISW11M, KDDI ISW11SC/SCI11, Kingcom Joypad C71, Kingcom Joypad C72, Kingcom Joypad C81, Kisen K3000 (Dual Sim Card), Kobo K080, Kobo Vox, Kocaso M1050S, Kocaso M9000, Konka D263, Konka D319, Konka E5838, Konka E810, Konka V926, Konka W900, koobee A106, koobee A109, koobee i50, KPN Smart 200, KPT A9, KT EV-S110, KT KM-S120, KT KM-S200, KT Take EV-S100, KT Tech KM-E100, Kubai Q8, Kurio Kurio7, Kyocera C4700, Kyocera C5120, Kyocera C5121, Kyocera C5155, Kyocera C5156, Kyocera C5170, Kyocera KYE6710, Kyocera KYL21, Kyocera M6000/Zio, Kyocera M9300, Kyocera Urbano Progresso, Kyocera WX04K, Kyocera WX05K, Lanix S100 Ilium, LAVA S12, LAVA X900, Lava Xolo A700, Le Pan II, Lenco CoolTab-70, Lenco TAB-1012, Lenco TAB-812, Lenco TAB-9701, Lenovo 3GW100/LePhone, Lenovo 3GW101, Lenovo A2107, Lenovo A278t, Lenovo A288t, Lenovo A298t, Lenovo A300, Lenovo A326, Lenovo A356, Lenovo A360, Lenovo A366t, Lenovo A390e, Lenovo A500, Lenovo A520, Lenovo A580, Lenovo A60, Lenovo A60+, Lenovo A65, Lenovo A660, Lenovo A668t, Lenovo A66t, Lenovo A68e, Lenovo A690, Lenovo A698t, Lenovo A710e, Lenovo A750, Lenovo A780, Lenovo A789, Lenovo A798t, Lenovo A800, Lenovo C101, Lenovo ET860, Lenovo i817, Lenovo IdeaPad A1, Lenovo IdeaPad A1-07, Lenovo IdeaPad K1, Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t, Lenovo IdeaPad S2, Lenovo IdeaPad U1, Lenovo IdeaTab A1107, Lenovo IdeaTab S2109A, Lenovo K800, Lenovo K860, Lenovo LePad, Lenovo LePhone S2, Lenovo P70, Lenovo P700, Lenovo P700i, Lenovo P707, Lenovo P960, Lenovo S1-37AH0, Lenovo S2005A-H, Lenovo S560, Lenovo S680, Lenovo S700, Lenovo S720, Lenovo S850e, Lenovo S880, Lenovo S890, Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet, Lenovo V528, Lenovo Yoga 11, Lenoxx TB-50, Lexibook MFC150DEX, Lexibook Yeno 100, LG 10000, LG 272, LG 511C, LG 8575/8575 Touch (Alltel), LG 8575/Chocolate Touch (Verizon Wireless), LG Ally, LG AS680, LG AS695, LG AS730, LG AS855, LG AX585/Rhythm, LG AX840/Spider 2 (Alltel), LG BL20/New Chocolate, LG BL40/Black Label, LG BL42K/New Chocolate, LG C300, LG C550/V1.0/LG Optimus Chat, LG C555, LG C660/Optimus Pro, LG C660h, LG C710/Aloha, LG C729, LG C800, LG C800G, LG C900/Quantum, LG C900B, LG C900k, LG CT810, LG CU915, LG CU920, LG CX2, LG CX670, LG E300, LG E400, LG E400F, LG E400G, LG E400R, LG E405, LG E405f, LG E430, LG E510, LG E510f, LG E610, LG E612, LG E612f, LG E612G, LG E615, LG E615F, LG E617G, LG E720 Optimus Chic, LG E720b, LG E730, LG E739, LG E900 Optimus 7, LG E960/Nexus 4, LG E970, LG E971, LG E973, LG F100S, LG F120K, LG F120L, LG F160K, LG F160L, LG F160S, LG F180K, LG F180L, LG F180S, LG F200K, LG F200L, LG F200S, LG GC900, LG GD510/Pop, LG GD880, LG GD900/Crystal, LG GM360, LG GM600, LG GM730, LG GM750/Layla, LG GR500/Xenon, LG GR500F, LG GR500FD, LG GR500R, LG GR501/Xenon, LG GR700/Vu Plus, LG GS290/Cookie Fresh, LG GS390/Prime, LG GS505/Sentio, LG GT350, LG GT365/Neon, LG GT400/Viewty Smile, LG GT405, LG GT500/Puccini, LG GT505, LG GT540 Optimus, LG GT540f, LG GT540g, LG GT550, LG GT950/Met, LG GW370, LG GW370B, LG GW382f, LG GW520/Calisto, LG GW525/Calisto, LG GW620/Eve, LG GW910, LG K800, LG KB770, LG KC910/Renoir 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Nexus S, Samsung Nexus S 4G, Samsung Omnia 7, Samsung P6800, Samsung R631/Messager Touch, Samsung R810/Finesse, Samsung R850/Caliber, Samsung R860/Caliber, Samsung S5200, Samsung S5222, Samsung S5369, Samsung S5PV210, Samsung S6102, Samsung S8000 Jet, Samsung S8003/Jet, Samsung S8300T, Samsung S8500, Samsung SC-02C/Galaxy S2, Samsung SC-02D, Samsung SCH F339, Samsung SCH U960/Rogue, Samsung SCH U960/Rogue (Verizon Wireless), Samsung SCH-i110, Samsung SCH-I200, Samsung SCH-I339, Samsung SCH-I400, Samsung SCH-I405, Samsung SCH-I415, Samsung SCH-I500, Samsung SCH-i509, Samsung SCH-i510/Droid Charge, Samsung SCH-I535, Samsung SCH-i559/Galaxy Mini, Samsung SCH-i569/Galaxy Gio, Samsung SCH-i579/Galaxy Ace, Samsung SCH-I605, Samsung SCH-I619, Samsung SCH-I699, Samsung SCH-i705, Samsung SCH-i760, Samsung SCH-i779, Samsung SCH-i809, Samsung SCH-I815, Samsung SCH-i905/Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G, Samsung SCH-I909 Galaxy S, Samsung SCH-I910/Omnia, Samsung SCH-I910/Omnia (Verizon Wireless), Samsung SCH-I915, Samsung SCH-i919, Samsung SCH-I925, Samsung SCH-i929, Samsung SCH-I930, Samsung SCH-I939, Samsung SCH-i957, Samsung SCH-L710, Samsung SCH-M828C, Samsung SCH-N719, Samsung SCH-R530C, Samsung SCH-R530M, Samsung SCH-R530U, Samsung SCH-R640, Samsung SCH-R680, Samsung SCH-R720, Samsung SCH-R730, Samsung SCH-R760, Samsung SCH-R800, Samsung SCH-R820, Samsung SCH-R830, Samsung SCH-R880, Samsung SCH-R915, Samsung SCH-R920, Samsung SCH-R930, Samsung SCH-R950, Samsung SCH-S720C, Samsung SCH-U820, Samsung SCH-U940, Samsung SCH-W399, Samsung SCH-W689, Samsung SCH-W699, Samsung SCH-W799, Samsung SCH-W899, Samsung SCH-W999, Samsung SCL21, Samsung SGH A697/Sunburst, Samsung SGH A867/Eternity, Samsung SGH A885/Advance, Samsung SGH A886/Forever, Samsung SGH A887/Solstice, Samsung SGH D988, Samsung SGH F480I, Samsung SGH F480L, Samsung SGH i900v/OMNIA, Samsung SGH T746/Impact, Samsung SGH T939/Behold2, Samsung SGH-A597/Eternity II, Samsung SGH-A877/Impression, Samsung SGH-A897/Angel, Samsung SGH-F480, Samsung SGH-F480T, Samsung SHW-M480S, Samsung SGH-F490, Samsung SGH-F700, Samsung SGH-G400, Samsung SGH-I317, Samsung SGH-I317M, Samsung SGH-I437, Samsung SGH-I497, Samsung SGH-I547, Samsung SGH-I577, Samsung SGH-I589, Samsung SGH-i677, Samsung SGH-i707/ Taylor, Samsung SGH-I717, Samsung SGH-I727, Samsung SGH-I727R, Samsung SGH-I747, Samsung SGH-I747M, Samsung SGH-I757M, Samsung SGH-I777, Samsung SGH-i780, Samsung SGH-I807D, Samsung SGH-i827, Samsung SGH-I827D, Samsung SGH-I847, Samsung SGH-I857, Samsung SGH-I896 Captivate, Samsung SGH-I897 Captivate, Samsung SGH-i900, Samsung SGH-I907/Epix, Samsung SGH-i908/Omnia (china), Samsung SGH-i917 Focus, Samsung SGH-i917R/Focus, Samsung SGH-I927, Samsung SGH-i937, Samsung SGH-I957D, Samsung SGH-I987, Samsung SGH-I997 Infuse 4G, Samsung SGH-M8800/PIXON, Samsung SGH-S730M, Samsung SGH-S959G, Samsung SGH-T499, Samsung SGH-T589 Gravity Smart, Samsung SGH-T589R, Samsung SGH-T669, Samsung SGH-T669B, Samsung SGH-T669V, Samsung SGH-T669Y, Samsung SGH-T679, Samsung SGH-T679M, Samsung SGH-T699, Samsung SGH-T749/Highlight, Samsung SGH-T759 Exhibit 4G, Samsung SGH-T769, Samsung SGH-T779, Samsung SGH-T839/T-Mobile Sidekick 4G, Samsung SGH-T849, Samsung SGH-T859, Samsung SGH-T869, Samsung SGH-T879, Samsung SGH-T889, Samsung SGH-T889V, Samsung SGH-T899M, Samsung SGH-T929/Memoir, Samsung SGH-T959 Vibrant, Samsung SGH-T959D/Galaxy S Facinate, Samsung SGH-T959P, Samsung SGH-T959V, Samsung SGH-T989, Samsung SGH-T989D, Samsung SGH-T999, Samsung SHV-E110S, Samsung SHV-E120K, Samsung SHV-E120L, Samsung SHV-E120S, Samsung SHV-E140K, Samsung SHV-E140L, Samsung SHV-E140S, Samsung SHV-E150S, Samsung SHV-E160K, Samsung SHV-E160L, Samsung SHV-E160S, Samsung SHV-E210K, Samsung SHV-E210L, Samsung SHV-E210S, Samsung SHV-E250K, Samsung SHV-E250L, Samsung SHV-E250S, Samsung SHW M110S/Galaxy S, Samsung SHW-M130k/Galaxy K, Samsung SHW-M130L, Samsung SHW-M130L, Samsung SHW-M190S, Samsung SHW-M220L/Galaxy Neo, Samsung SHW-M240S Galaxy Ace, Samsung SHW-M250S Galaxy S2, Samsung SHW-M290K/Galaxy Gio, Samsung SHW-M430W, Samsung SHW-M440S, Samsung SHW-M480K, , Samsung SHW-M480W, Samsung SKY IM-A650S/SKY Vega, Samsung Skyrocket HD, Samsung SMT i9100 Galaxy Tab, Samsung SPH M810/Instinct, Samsung SPH-D600 Conquer, Samsung SPH-D700/Epic 4G, Samsung SPH-L300, Samsung SPH-L710, Samsung SPH-L900, Samsung SPH-M800, Samsung SPH-M820, Samsung SPH-M830, Samsung SPH-M900, Samsung SPH-M900/Moment, Samsung SPH-M910, Samsung SPH-M920, Samsung SPH-M930, Samsung SPH-M950, Samsung T528g, Samsung Tab-730, Samsung YP-G50/Galaxy Player 50, Samsung YP-G70 GALAXY S Wi-Fi 5.0, Samsung YP-GB70/WiFi 5.0, Samsung YP-GI, Samsung YP-GS1, Scope SP0718, Sencor Element 7 V2, SFR Staraddict, SFR Staraddict 2, SFR StarTab, SFR StarText 2, Sharp 003SH, Sharp 005SH, Sharp 006SH, SHARP 103SH, SHARP A01SH, Sharp ADS1, Sharp Aquos IS11SH, Sharp Aquos IS12SH, Sharp Aquos SH-12C, Sharp DM013SH, SHARP EB-A71GJ, Sharp Galapagos Tablet 10.8, Sharp Galapagos Tablet 5.5, Sharp IS01, Sharp IS03, Sharp IS05, Sharp IS06/ Sirius alpha IS06 for KDDI, Sharp IS13SH, SHARP IS14SH, Sharp SH-03C, Sharp SH-03E, Sharp SH-10B, Sharp SH-13C/AQUOS Phone SH-13C, Sharp SH330U, Sharp SH530U, SHARP SH80F, Sharp SH8118u, SHARP SH8128U, SHARP SH8158U, SHARP SH8168U, SHARP SH8188U, SHARP SH8268U, SHARP SH8288U, SHARP SH8298U, Sharp SH930W, Sharp SHL21, Sharp SHT21, Sharp Softbank 006SH, Sharp STX2/FX, Sharp Zaurus, Shenzhen HLS Technology Q8-A13, Shenzhen IDER Technology SV8860, Shenzhen Totsh Industrial T-907, Siemens SL56, Sigma MID-S7, Simvalley A502+, Simvalley SP-120, Simvalley SP-40, Simvalley SP-80, Simvalley SPX-5, Simvalley SPX-8, SK Networks E860, Skytex SP438, SKYTEX SX-SP700A, Skyworth T700, SMART Netphone 701, Smartfren Tab 7, SmartQ V5, Softbank 001DL, Softbank 003Z, SoftBank 007SH, SoftBank 007SH J, SoftBank 008Z, SoftBank 009SH, SoftBank 009Z, SoftBank 101DL, SoftBank 101F, SoftBank 101K, SoftBank 101N, SoftBank 101P, SoftBank 101SH, SoftBank 102P, SoftBank 102SH, SoftBank 102SH2, SoftBank 104SH, SoftBank 106SH, SoftBank 107SH, SoftBank 200SH, SoftBank 201M, Softbank 921SH/Fullface2 (For use in Japan only), Softbank 930SC/Omnia, Softbank 931SC/Omnia Pop, Softbank 931SH/Aquos FullTouch, Sony C6606, Sony Ericsson A8i, Sony Ericsson CK15i, Sony Ericsson E15a, Sony Ericsson E16i Xperia W8, Sony Ericsson IS11S/Xperia acro, Sony Ericsson IS12S, Sony Ericsson LT15, Sony Ericsson LT15a, Sony Ericsson LT15i/Xperia Arc, Sony Ericsson LT18a, Sony Ericsson LT18i/Ayame, Sony Ericsson LT22i, Sony Ericsson LT26i, Sony Ericsson LT28at, Sony Ericsson M1i, Sony Ericsson M608, Sony Ericsson MK16a, Sony Ericsson MK16i/Xperia Pro, Sony Ericsson MT11a, Sony Ericsson MT11i, Sony Ericsson MT15a, Sony Ericsson MT15i/Xperia Neo, Sony Ericsson MT27i, Sony Ericsson P900, Sony Ericsson P900i, Sony Ericsson P990i, Sony Ericsson R800a, Sony Ericsson R800at, Sony Ericsson R800i Xperia Play, Sony Ericsson R800x Xperia Play, Sony Ericsson S51SE, Sony Ericsson sk17a Xperia Mini Pro, Sony Ericsson SK17i Mango, Sony Ericsson SO-01B, Sony Ericsson SO-01C, Sony Ericsson SO-02C Xperia Acro, Sony Ericsson SO-03C/EXPERIA Urushi, Sony Ericsson ST15a, Sony Ericsson ST17i, Sony Ericsson ST18i, Sony Ericsson ST21a, Sony Ericsson ST21i, Sony Ericsson ST25a, Sony Ericsson ST25i, Sony Ericsson ST27i, Sony Ericsson U1, Sony Ericsson U10a, Sony Ericsson U1a/SE Satio, Sony Ericsson U1i/Satio, Sony Ericsson U5, Sony Ericsson U5at, Sony Ericsson U8i, Sony Ericsson VivazU5i, Sony Ericsson W150a, Sony Ericsson W150i/TeaCake, Sony Ericsson W200i, Sony Ericsson W958c, Sony Ericsson W960i, Sony Ericsson WT13i, Sony Ericsson WT18i, Sony Ericsson WT19, Sony Ericsson X10, Sony Ericsson X10 Mini E10a, Sony Ericsson X10 Mini E10i, Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro U20a, Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro U20i, Sony Ericsson X10 Xperia Mini, Sony Ericsson X10a, Sony Ericsson X10i, Sony Ericsson X1i, Sony Ericsson X2, Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini ST15i, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10a Mini Pro, Sony Ericsson Xperia X8, Sony Ericsson Z1i, Sony LT25i, Sony LT26w, Sony LT28h, Sony LT28i, Sony LT29, Sony LT29i, Sony LT30a, Sony LT30at, Sony LT30P, Sony MT25i, Sony NW-F800, Sony NW-Z1000, Sony NWZ-Z1000, Sony PEG-TH55, Sony PEG-TJ37, Sony PlayStation Vita, Sony PRS-T1, Sony SGPT12, Sony SGPT211JP, Sony SOL21, Sony ST21a2, Sony ST23a, Sony ST23i, Sony ST26i, Sony Tablet S, Sony Xperia Z C6603, Speed MB-Z3S, Speed MB-Z4, Speedup S1, SpeedUp S3, Spice M-5750, Spice M-6700, Spice M-6800, Spice M-6868, Spice M-6900, Spice Mi-270, Spice Mi-280, Spice Mi-350, Spice Mi-350n, Spice Mi-500, Spice Mi-720, Spice S909, Sprint 6850 Touch Pro, Sprint ATP515CKIT, Sprint Evo Shift 4G, Sprint Express, Sprint Galaxy Nexus LTE, Sprint MP6900SP, Sprint SPH-ip830w, Sprint SPH-P100, Sprint T7380, Star A5, Star A8, Star B79, Star V12, Star V1277, Starcall TSC Z3, Starway S900, Storage Options Scroll Essential, Storage Options Scroll Excel 7 inch Tablet, Storage Options Storage Extreme, Storex eZee Tab1001, Storex eZee Tab1003, Storex eZee Tab7, Storex eZee Tab707, Sungworld M901D1, Sunup CC600, SVP ZP7901UC, SXZ PDX0-01, Sylvania SYTABEX7, SYSBAY S-MP98, Szenio 1207C4, Szenio 9700 IPS, T-Mobile G1, T-Mobile G2, T-Mobile MDA Ameo, T-Mobile MDA Touch, T-Mobile MDA Vario V, T-Mobile myTouch, T-Mobile myTouch 3G, T-Mobile myTouch 4G, T-Mobile myTouch Q, T-Mobile Pulse, T-Mobile Springboard, T-Mobile Vivacity, T-Pad IS701R, Tabulet Octa, Taiwan Mobile T1, Taiwan Mobile T2, TCL A890, TCL A906, TCL A916, TCL A919, TCL A966, TCL A986, TCL A988, TCL A990, TCL A996, TCL C990, TCL e300, TCL i808, TCL S900, TCL W939, TCL W989, Teclast P76ti, Tecno N3, Tecno T1, Tegatech Australia Tega v2, Telechip TCC8900, Telefunken TEL7J, Telstra T-Hub 2, TenQ B72m, teXet TM-7025, Texet TM-8041HD, ThL A1, ThL V11, ThL V7, ThL V8, ThL V9, ThL W1, ThL W3, Tianyu K-Touch E619, Tianyu K-Touch W680, Tianyu K-Touch W700, Tianyu K-Touch W800, Tianyu W606, Tianyu W806, Titan PC9701, Tomtec Excellent 8, Tomtec Ultimate 10, Toshiba AT100, Toshiba AT105, Toshiba AT1S0, Toshiba AT200, Toshiba AT300, Toshiba AT500, Toshiba AT830, Toshiba DB50, Toshiba FJI12/IS12F, Toshiba Folio 100, Toshiba IS04, Toshiba IS12T, Toshiba SmartPad, Toshiba TG01, Touchmate TM-MID720, TouchMate TM-MID732, Touchmate TM-MID780, Toys R Us Tabeo, Trekstor Liro Color, TrekStor ST70104-1, TrekStor TSP21, Treq A10, Treq A10 Pocket 2, Treq A10G Duo, Turkcell Maxi Plus 5, Turkcell MaxiPRO5, TWM Amazing A1, TWM Fantastic T3, TWM myPad P2, TWM myPad P3, TWM myPad P4, Umeox A502, UNC V8+, Uniden UTAB71, Unimax MXE-670, Unimax MXE-690, Unimax MXE-695, Unimax MXT-201, Unimax MXW-943, Unistar M320, Unknown 3C97, Unknown A10 MID, Unknown A10MID, Unknown A710, Unknown A721, Unknown A777, Unknown B63M, Unknown BC1003, Unknown C901B, Unknown DFP7003, Unknown E9, Unknown E901, Unknown FlyTouch 2, Unknown Flytouch 3, Unknown G3, Unknown GT-A7100, Unknown H5500, Unknown I9300i, Unknown IHD808, Unknown L102, Unknown L26, Unknown M005, Unknown M70014, Unknown M710, Unknown M7206, Unknown M799, Unknown MID A10, Unknown Mid-71, Unknown MID1002, Unknown MID1106, Unknown MID900SC, Unknown MID970, Unknown N7000G, Unknown NaviTablet, Unknown P041, Unknown PMI920, Unknown SFM52AW, Unknown SuperPad 2, Unknown Superpad i7, Unknown T05A, Unknown TAB101F, Unknown TR719, Unknown TR810, Unknown U2, Unknown W801, Unknown W88, Unknown Wopad 7001, Unknown WT-M768, uPlay PhonePad, US Technology 8008, UTStarcom GTX75/Quickfire (Knick), Vanhon A16, Velocity T408, Velocity T410, Velocity T501, Velocity T510, Velocity TAB224, Velocity TAB264, Venstar V800A, Vero A8826, Versus TouchPad 7, Vertu RM-828V, Vibo A699, Vibo T588, Videocon V7400, Videocon V7500, View Quest Slade 2, View Quest Slate8, ViewSonic G Tablet, ViewSonic gTablet, ViewSonic V350, ViewSonic ViewBook 730, ViewSonic ViewPad 10, Viewsonic ViewPad 7, ViewSonic ViewPad 7e, ViewSonic ViewPad e70, Viliv X7, Vimicro fj vortex, Vinus V8, VIOS ATO7P, Virgin Chaser, Visual Land VL-107, Visual Land VL-107L, Visual Land VL-109, Visual Land VL-110, Visual Land VL-879, VIVO V1, VIVO Y1, Vizio VTAB1008, Vodafone 455, Vodafone 541, Vodafone 845, Vodafone 945, Vodafone P752D, Vodafone Smart II, Vodafone Smart Tab 10, Vodafone Smart Tab 7, Vodafone SmartTab II10, Vodafone SmartTab II7, Voyo Q101, Wanxin TQ-7B, Watch Mobile W88, WayteQ xPAD-70, Wearnes ZP-712, WellcoM A800, WellcoM A90, WellcoM A99, WellcoM W3350, WellcoM W839+, WellcoM W920, WellcoM W929, Weltbild Cat Stargate, Weltbild Nova, Weltbild Nova Cat 8, Weltbild Tablet PC 4, Wexler BOOK T7008, Wiko Cink, Wiko Cink Slim, Window Digital Electronics N10, Window Digital Electronics N12, Window Digital Electronics N3, Window Digital Electronics N5top, Window Digital Electronics N6, Window Digital Electronics N90, Wonder Media AN10DG3, Wonder Media WM8650, WonderMedia V1013, woPad A10, WorldTech WT-PAD011, WOW Mobile TIKx2, Woxter Tablet PC 100CX, Woxter Tablet PC 65CXi, Woxter Tablet PC 75, Woxter Tablet PC 85 HDS, Woxter Tablet PC 85CXi, Woxter Tablet PC 97IPS, Woxter Tablet PC 97IPS Dual, X-View Proton Lite, Xenon XP-701, Xiaomi A05, Xiaomi M1, Xiaomi MI-1S, Xiaomi MI-2, Xiaomi MI-ONE, Yarvik TAB10-201, Yarvik Tab210, Yarvik Tab220, Yarvik TAB260, Yarvik TAB274, Yarvik TAB360, Yarvik TAB411, Yarvik TAB462, Yarvik TAB465EUK, Yarvik TAB466EUK, Yarvik TAB467, Yarvik TAB474, Yarvik TAB9-200, Yifang Digital M752HC, YuanDao N101, Yuandao N70, Zeki TB1082B, Zeki TB782B, Zenithink P7901a EPad, Zenithink zt180, Zexus Technology KB901, Zopo H9500, Zopo ZP500, Zopo ZP900, Zopo ZP900S, Zora P6+, ZTE 1001, ZTE 550, ZTE 553, ZTE 553, ZTE A5, ZTE Beeline M2, ZTE Blade, ZTE Blade II, ZTE Crescent, ZTE Cute, ZTE D930, ZTE F870E, ZTE F950, ZTE G X760, ZTE G X760/Vegas (Orange), ZTE G X960, ZTE Grand X, ZTE GV821, ZTE i766, ZTE Indie, ZTE Libra, ZTE Light Pro, ZTE Light Tab, ZTE Light Tab 2, ZTE MD-Cube, ZTE Me, ZTE Movistar Link, ZTE Movistar Prime, ZTE MTC 916/ Joe, ZTE N285, ZTE N295, ZTE N606, ZTE N700, ZTE N721, ZTE N760, ZTE N762, ZTE N790, ZTE N850, ZTE N855D, ZTE N861, ZTE N880, ZTE N880E, ZTE N910, ZTE N9100, ZTE N9120, ZTE N9500, ZTE N960, ZTE NX501, ZTE One Pad, ZTE Optik, ZTE Optimus Barcelona, ZTE PF200, ZTE PM1107 Smart/PosteMobile PM1107 Smart, ZTE PM1152 Tabula/PosteMobile PM1152 Tabula, ZTE R22, ZTE Racer, ZTE Racer II, ZTE Render, ZTE Roamer, ZTE Skate, ZTE Spirit, ZTE StarNaute, ZTE T U380, ZTE T U722, ZTE T U812, ZTE T-U720, ZTE T28, ZTE T60, ZTE T760, ZTE T870, ZTE Tania, ZTE TU880, ZTE U V760, ZTE U788+, ZTE U790, ZTE U795, ZTE U795+, ZTE U807, ZTE U880E, ZTE U880F1, ZTE U880s, ZTE U880s2, ZTE U887, ZTE U900, ZTE U930, ZTE U960S, ZTE U960s2, ZTE U960s3, ZTE V11, ZTE V11A, ZTE V71A, ZTE V768, ZTE V790, ZTE V800, ZTE V8000, ZTE V856, ZTE V875, ZTE V880, ZTE V880E/Acqua, ZTE V889D, ZTE V889M, ZTE V9, ZTE V960, ZTE V9A, ZTE V9C, ZTE V9X, ZTE VF945, ZTE Vodafone547, ZTE W1, ZTE Wrap, ZTE X500, ZTE X501, ZTE Z990, ZTO N51, Zync Z999