Kaufmann Schwarz Stylus
Kaufmann Schwarz Stylus
Kaufmann Schwarz Stylus
Kaufmann Schwarz Stylus
Kaufmann Schwarz Stylus
Kaufmann Schwarz Stylus

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Kaufmann Schwarz Stylus

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The Kaufmann Schwarz Stylus is a German developed premium stylus pen for capacitive screen tablets and mobile devices.
The Kaufmann Schwarz Stylus features a durable rubber tip that won't scratch the glass touch screen surface, the Kaufmann Schwarz Stylus allows the user to type accurately and comfortably using small on screen keyboard which can be cumbersome to some fingers. 
The tip of the stylus works with all capacitive screens and requires no power, batteries or software to operate and instantly works right out of the box.
The beauty of this stylus is that if you need to jot down hand written notes, on paper, old school style during a meeting the other end of the stylus conveniently functions as a ball point pen, with a heavy hand-feel like prized executive pens of yesteryear.
Featuring a 20% finer tip than most styluses the Kaufmann Schwarz Stylus is ideal for artistic, note taking, design or when more accuracy is required.
  • Round-head design, durable and flexible
  • Perfect for the ladies out there who have their nails done 
  • Keeps your screen free from fingerprints
  • Soft rubber tipped end prevents from scratching your handheld screen
  • It's sensitive to type or tap as so to work quickly and accurately
  • Built-in shirt clip and easily clip on your pocket, iPad case, folio or backpack
  • Compact design and feel for maximum comfort and accuracy
  • Durable construction 
  • Also available in Weiss (White) and Karmin (Dark Red)

These unique dual function 2 in 1 styluses will work on the touch screen of any capactive device meaning this German developed stylus will work as an:

  • iPad Stylus
  • iPhone Stylus
  • iPod Touch Stylus
  • Android Stylus
  • Nexus Stylus
  • HTC Stylus
  • Galaxy Stylus
  • Windows Mobile Stylus
  • Windows 7 Stylus