iPhone 5s & iphone 5c Fail

Are you for real at Apple? This is supposed to be it? A little bit of colour, a finger print scanner and a new camera lens? 

Apple fans will never admit it, but following the long awaited unveiling of the iPhone 5s, it’s pretty obvious that the company is missing Steve Jobs’ innovative thinking more than ever. Sure, the look and feel of the iPhone 5s is as beautiful as ever, but what with so many expectations of something revolutionary, it’s hard not to feel a little disappointed with what Apple has come up with.

There’s no denying the latest incarnation of the iPhone compares well with any of the competition out there, but by Apple’s standards, this just simply isn’t good enough. For the first time, there’s a distinct feeling that Apple are no longer innovating, but instead playing catch-up – bringing to the table nothing that its high-end Android competitors don’t already offer. As Forbes stated yesterday, it’s as if Apple is now just a ‘normal’ technology company like everyone else.

Although we believe the iPhone 5s & 5c sucks we still will sell iPhone 5c Stylus Pens and iPhone 5s Stylus Pens.

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