The Stylus Artist packs now available

Perfect for the professional digital artist, students or budding amateurs and enthusiasts...

3 Piece Stylus Artist Pack

Dagi Disc Stylus Pen + Hex4.5 Fine Tip Stylus + Leonardo Brush Stylus

  • Dagi Disc Stylus Pen: is a unique one. Durable, accurate and a completely different approach to any other stylus we sell. The clear tip at the end is a innovative plastic disc, mounted to the pen by a tiny spring that allows the disk to lie flat on the screen whatever the pen angle. - See more at: Dagi Disc Stylus Pen
  • Hex4.5 Fine Tip Stylus: is for maximum accuracy, responsiveness and compatibility, as the stylus is perfect for iPads, iPhones and Android tablets/phones, the stylus is build with the highest quality materials, making it a truly universal stylus for any brand of device with a capacitive touch screen. - See more at: Hex4.5 Stylus
  • Leonardo Brush Stylus: is small enough to be non obtrusive and slip into your audio jack when not in use but large enough not to be too fiddley to use. The built-in 3.5mm audio jack clip keeps the Super Mini Stylus close to your device when not in use. See more at: Leonardo Brush Stylus

All stylus pens will work perfectly as iPad stylus pens or Android tablet stylus pens.

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