Handwriting app for ipad: AP Stylebook

There are a ton of technical words, abbreviations, and phrases that we use each day. If you're going to get them written properly, the AP Stylebook is essential for writers everywhere. As a standard for most publications, the AP Stylebook is the main reference that should live on your iPad. The app opens to a main category list, but a search box at the top is all you need to focus on. Results filter out as you enter a term and with a tap of your finger, you're looking at your desired entry. Each item allows you to append notes and the app keeps a record of all recently viewed items, making it easier to find a term you just used. Every entry can also be starred for a permanent place in the Favourite section. Fast and easy to use, there's no reason you shouldn't have this on your iPad.


For the best results use a high touch ipad stylus

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