Warning: Adonit Stylus. Be very careful !!

They look cool, they work great but you will end up with a damaged screen. It's unavoidable and it has happened to hundred of users worldwide.

The Dagi Disc Stylus won't scratch your screen and is highly recommended by us.

Here are a couple of entiers from different message boards: 

I posted about your problem in the "which is the best stylus ?" thread.
I had the exact same problem. My ipad was immaculate before and very scratched after.... I don't use screen protectors but clean the screen every 10 min or so, and I use it in a very clean environment....but no mater what, the scratches keep appearing....
The gosmart scratched in 1 day what the Jot did in 2 months !

Anyway, here is a copy-paste from my other post:
""With the idea of sharing to orient each other I will list my experiences with different styluses in chronological order:


Adonit Jot Classic: This was miles away from every thing that I tried before... Finally I cold draw in my Ipad ! All good but..... the disc in the tip deteriorated VERY fast, in a matter of months I burn trough all my spare discs, I tried everything to maintain the tip conductive....putting liquids in the disc socket solved the problem for a while, tried water, oil, cpu grease, etc, but in the end the pen was dead. To get things worse, I started to saw some tinny scratches in the screen.... I was very careful to clean the screen and the tip but sh*t happens...
Go Smart: This looked good. More precise than the Adonit and without the conductivity problem and there were no problems in stylusland... the angle was very comfortable and never scratched the screen ...
Looks to work great to everyone else...
Adonit Jot: I made the sculptingman and goose modification of the Touch in the Jot. That solved the angle problem, but the scratches keep appearing so I had to let it go.... :(


TruGlide and others with microfiber tip: This is what I use today, it moves really easy in the screen, no drag, no scratches, the tip is not so precise like the adonit or the gosmart, but you can draw without mayor problems.""


The TruGlide stylus has a microfiber tip and is to the High Touch Stylus sold by StylusShop. To avoid getting your table screen scratched we strongly recommend not to use any disc style styluses. The Dagi Disc Stylus won't scratch your screen either and is highly recommended by us.

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