Adonit Jot Pro scratches iPad screen

Lawrence Lam was using the Adonit Jot Pro stylus pen and posted his experience to another message board a short while ago. This could be a warning to people thinking about buying this product.

"I bought this stylus from Machines (Mid Valley outlet) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I called the shop and they said I have to go back to the same outlet. I am currently writing this message outside Machines KLCC outlet. I am not a happy customer because of 3 reasons: 1) Poor quality control of Adonis Jot Pro. Pardon me but I cannot accept the reason that the scratches are caused by foreign particles trapped below the disc. There is a tiny dot on my disc and it is part of the disc (not foreign). 2) The Machines outlet told me I have to go to the same outlet (where I bought Jot Pro) for replacement. Since all their outlets carry the same name, why can't I go to any of their outlets? 3) I was told to leave the stylus at the shop for a few days before they can do the replacement. VERY UNHAPPY. I can't go back to that same outlet as I am not from that city. The taxi fee will probably cost me more."

"I completely DISAGREE that the scratches are caused by tiny particles between the disc and the tablet’s surface. And don't tell me physics. I believe my eyes. I just bought the Jot Pro in Malaysia two days ago. It scratched my screen protector badly. There is a tiny protruded dot on the disc. I can hardly feel it with my finger but can see the dot with naked eyes. From my observation, this dot when moving on my screen protector, is as sharp as a knife. You don't need to apply much force to get scratches immediately. The dot appears about 1mm off the center of he disc."


Dagi Disc Stylus won't scratch your screen.

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