Stylus Collusion Pen for iPad 'unusable'

It promised to be the first gadget to perfect handwriting and drawing on the iPad, but after raising almost $160,000 on Kickstarter, the Australian-made Collusion pen and collaboration software has been labelled "unusable".

Finished months behind schedule, it joins a series of crowd-funded projects that have fallen far short of expectations by failing to deliver what was promised in a reasonable time frame.

Some expected features that were not delivered include importing text and PDF documents for annotation, handwriting recognition, audio recording, offline mode and zooming on the canvas.

The founder of Collusion, Robert Yearsley, has worked on start-ups for several years and was previously the manager of the Telstra team responsible for T-Box. Since the Kickstarter success, Yearsley claims to have raised $1 million extra funding for Collusion from outside investors and he is increasingly targeting corporate customers.

Here is a working ipad stylus that won't disappoint.

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