iPad 5 Rumours

New Apple iPad rumors are swirling and if they can be believed then the iPad 5 could be here as soon as April. Rumors about the iPad’s fifth generation have been floating around the Internet for quite a while now and inital rumors even had the device hitting the market in March but more likely April-June.

The lack of anything remotely official from Apple seems to kill any chance of the newest iPad being available next month, but April appears to still be a realistic goal. Laptop Magazine is reporting that the fifth generation iPad will be boasting some real revamping, rather than just a couple of tweaks like the fourth gen tablet.

Piper analyst Gene Munster says that Apple will be launching a redesigned model that will look quite a bit like the iPad Mini. Munster wrote a note to his clients saying:

“We believe that looking at the history of time between Apple product launch events suggests that the company will introduce something new in March or April. Over the past two years, the Spring event has been iPad updates.”

Munster also believes that the newest iPad will have a body and casing quite similar to the iPad Mini. The rumors of a new casing have been backed up by leaked photos that 9 to 5 Mac was able to acquire. That site says that the photos of the back panel of the new iPad illustrates a lighter generation of iPads is on the way.

New Apple iPad rumors are short on details other than what people think might be added. There has been talk about a 128 GB iPad hitting the market this spring as well, whether that would be launched along with the brand new iPad, whether the iPad 5 will offer 128 GB of storage or whether the 128 GB iPad is complete fantasy are all, as of yet unknown.

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