Stylus Pen Hex 4.5 Fine Tip
Stylus Pen Hex 4.5 Fine Tip
Stylus Pen Hex 4.5 Fine Tip
Stylus Pen Hex 4.5 Fine Tip
Stylus Pen Hex 4.5 Fine Tip
Stylus Pen Hex 4.5 Fine Tip

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Stylus Pen Hex 4.5 Fine Tip


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hex 4.5 stylus pen

4.5mm rubber tip stylus now available by serious demand. Customers have be asking for a 4.5mm stylus pen for a while now. We can now release the Hex4.5 Fine Tip stylus pen with rubber nib. This pen provides a user experience which is unmatched by any other stylus.

The latest micro rubber tip technology provides the ultimate smooth user experience for all levels of user from the novice to the artist or power user.

Even better it has a 4.5mm super accurate tip not found on any other pen! 
Although engineered for performance and comfort, the Hex4.5 Fine Tip stylus looks great too, the weight of the stylus pen is well balanced and the design is sleek and practice for everyday use. 
Hex4.5 Fine Tip ensures that each stylus is build to last with a micro knit tip that provides both durability and an ultra smooth finish which glides effortlessly across any touch screen device. 
For maximum accuracy, responsiveness and compatibility, as the stylus is perfect for iPads, iPhones and Android tablets/phones, the stylus is build with the highest quality materials, making it a truly universal stylus for any brand of device with a capacitive touch screen.
The Hex4.5 Fine Tip Stylus includes:
  • 4.5mm retractable rubber tip design
  • Solid weighted metal shaft for premium hand-feel
  • Solid, secure pocket clip
  • High Touch sensitivity capacitive end for clicking and writing
  • Suitable for any capacitive touch display iPad, iPhone, Android

This innovative High Touch Fine Tip iPad/Android stylus will work on the touch screen of any capactive device, meaning the they will work as an:

  • iPad Stylus
  • iPhone Stylus
  • iPod Touch Stylus
  • Android Stylus
  • Windows Mobile Stylus