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Retro Stylus
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The Retro Pencil Stylus is a unique mix of old school hip and modern functionality. This chunky pencil-shaped capactive stylus gives you precise yet artistic control over your iPad, iPhone or Android device. This stylus gives you precision that you cannot replicate sans-stylus unless you have fingers the size of a child. The Retro Pencil stylus features an 8mm tip and a thick shaft making it one of the most durable styluses on the market. The pen is 112mm long.

These funky soft touch styluses are use to type, tap, write or scroll the touch screen of any capactive device meaning the Retro Pencil Stylus will work as an:

  • iPad Stylus
  • iPhone Stylus
  • iPod Touch Stylus
  • Android Stylus
  • Nexus Stylus
  • HTC Stylus
  • Galaxy Stylus
  • Windows Mobile Stylus
  • Windows 7 Stylus